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Art wasn’t only a hobby for me, it still stands as my escape mechanism; my craft is presented through the sorrows and fortune I have encountered throughout my life experiences.  

As a young child, I was quite troublesome and found it difficult to obtain consistent focus on school. My passion for art began at a young age when I realised I could express myself through my talent. Unfortunately, my mother was suffering from a form of cancer called Lupus, therefore severely feeble to look after my younger brother and me.  At the age of six, I was sent to a care home in Lake District called The Grange, a home specifically catered for 'difficult' children. Being the only black individual in school, I found it difficult to engage with other kids thus I started to play on my skill, art. My art teacher was impressed by my work and would often tell me he’d never taught a pupil so young with so much talent; which restored confidence and drive, in me. His name was Dave Turner, a highly established artist within his own social circle; he would often spend hours of his own personal time tutoring and supporting me with my art. Gerry Blood, was an established painter, another artist who also closely supported me; he had painted the national Tour de France paintings as well as the official Olympic rings.

By the age of 10, I had experimented with most artistic mediums such as pencil, oil paints, watercolours, pastels and ink. Throughout my years at The Grange, I finally returned to London at the age of 13 to reside with my father. He was the creative seed that I consumed inspiration and skill from. Like many young boys, I wanted to emulate my father's art and standards which respectably allowed me to form a relationship and a bond with the man who wasn’t consistently around for my childhood.


All of Mikes’s work comes from a deep and meaningful place whether it’s dramatically mood inspired the cover art for his HITMEN SAGAS comic book series, the capturing of betrayed innocence with his “WAR CHILDREN” collection or the personally emotional-driven “GONE BEFORE TIME” portrait collection.  Whatever work Mike produces; past, present, or future he promises his heart, soul and artistic outlook on life in every pencil etching, brush stroke or digital drawing broad he touches. These works are merely the start of what Mike hopes to be a long and enduring relationship with a like-minded creative audience.

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