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All of Mikes’ work comes from a deep and meaningful place whether it’s dramatically mood inspired the cover art for his HITMEN SAGAS comic book series, the capturing of betrayed innocence with his “WAR CHILDREN” collection or the personally emotional driven “GONE BEFORE TIME” portrait collection.  Whatever work Mike produces; past, present, or future he promises his heart, soul and artistic outlook on life in every pencil etching, brush stroke or digital drawing broad he touches. These works are merely the start of what Mike hopes to be a long and enduring relationship with a like-minded creative audience.

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Mike and a few other cast members were asked to rewrite elements of their roles for authenticity but mike often went above a beyond, for example, this scene with “Roger Griffiths” known for his current role as mitch baker in “EastEnders” with amazing results.

Agin another amazing scene with roger. mike's favourite rewrite of the entire show is “ yo uncle d, sometimes we do what we know best until we no better’’ this line encapsulated erolls journey throughout the series editing was even tailored to accompany this new element to the dialogue. 

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